We are manufacturer of hair care products, mainly in shampoo, conditioner, hair styling, hair oil, hair treatment, perm and hair color. OEM/ODM services are available. Founded in the year of 2007,Kaijoe Technology Limited Corporation, the city of Zhaoqing, is a comprehensive one with salon products, including researches and developments, designs, productions, OEM and sales. The clients are from plenty of countries and areas, for instance, U.S.A., Spain, Britain, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. Great credibility and reputation has been enjoyed already in our industry.
Powerful and fixed backing of production: There has been an area over 16,000 square meters for new factories and 26,000 square meters for construction, containing office building, production building, apartments and so on. 200 employees are in our company with 20% in management class and 10% in research groups. Excellent products in our industry come from our professional teams, strict and efficient management and advanced equipments.
Developed and perfect platform of research and development: Our advanced equipments and efficient ability of production are out-classed in this industry. We are mainly to produce washing, dyeing, perm, retaining and styling products, in addition, the production workshop has been designed and constructed in full accordance with the international GMPC standard. Meanwhile, we have already made introductions of advanced water reverse osmosis systems, automatically inner & outer circulation vacuum emulsification equipments, ultraviolet disinfection, ozone packaging and sewage treatment system according to national standard. In the production line, we have the first automatic dye paste production line, cold, hot, automatic production lines, automatic coding machine, automatic labeling machine, and automatic film machine, which provide the most reliable protection output of
stable high-quality products for the company
Scientific and strict management system: In the recent 10years, the company has managed to create a unity with spirit and actively fighting as the core backbone, which rapidly improve the enterprise management and level of scientific decisions, increasing new product development and product of actor of name of the second development and the integration of internal resources for research, and strengthening the cooperation with social scientific research institutions and experts. At present, the company and South Korean, Japanese research institutions and a number of well-known domestic laboratories have established cooperation, setting up a high level of R & D team, so that we, in the technology, are in the leading level of this industry and have made remarkable achievements in product quality and new product research and development. We constantly make any efforts to improve the economic benefits level in practice, establish company capital adjust the management mechanism with improvement of capital operation efficiency, gradually strengthen the customer credit management system. Owing to strict and efficient management, there is a solid foundation for long-term development.
Professional and excellent sales team: We have got a professional sales and after-sale team including market sales-reps, warehousing management, salon trainers and after-sales staff. They are all responsible and enthusiastic as our service concept shows. It is obviously popular for our steady ability on production and high standard of products with domestic and foreign clients. The customers have been throughout the United States, Spain, Britain, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries